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Biopols is a new generation food storage technology

by utilizing food wastes and extraction of fungal chitosan, we develop all natural antibacterial and antioxidant food coating and packaging that helps to extends shelf life of products and replace plastic packaging

By next year, we will save around 3,000 tonnes of fruits and vegetables from being wasted— this also means we will reduce CO2 emissions as much as removing 1,500 cars from traffic.

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Sustainability Goal
Sustainability Goal
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Stored in Plastic Packaging But Still Goes To Waste

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Molds on Strawberries

Food loss

38% of food loss due to mold

Food waste in plastic bags on footpath

Food waste problems

around 1.3B tonnes of foods is wasted every year

Fish eating plastic pollution in ocean


around 250K tonnes of plastics are littering our ocean

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provides the solution to these problems

by utilizing a more sustainable option from fungal chitosan

chitosan powder

Biopols BPX

Coating Solution

Lab Result for Biopols Coating Product :



After Coating with BPX-1


Applied Antioxidant Coating on Lemon Slices Before Drying to Inhibit Oxidation


Lab Trial Result

Left : BPX-2 Coated

Right : Control 21 days @ 21°C

Lab Trial Result

Left : BPX-2 Coated

Right : Control 2 days @ 25°C

Natural eco organic product
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All Natural

extends shelf life

easily washed off with water


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Upcycles food wastes

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Extends shelf life of product

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No petrochemical raw materials included

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